Which essential cosmetics do you need on a desert island?

Eight cosmetics I would take to a desert island:

  1. Nivea Soft Cream– Gorgeous smell, great care. Definitely would need one to a desert island trip. Moisturised skin= beautiful skin.
  2. Toothpaste 
  3. Shampoo
  4. Mac Studio Fix Fluid SPF15– Even face tone is a must, even on a desert island
  5. Nivea lip balm– I am addicted to it, I could not live a day without it! _1
  6. Chanel Eau Tendre– Girly and fresh, yet elegant.f1da8bf80568070e75b73d6ab5fb2be5
  7. Shower Gel
  8. Lipstick – definitely something orange or red. I favour Mac Sweet & Sour Cremesheen lipstick. *

*I have recently heard that Mac test products on animals, so am looking to switch to another brand. Do you have any suggestions?



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