Which £1 product is essential to your beauty regime? Hint: it makes you healthy too.

I used to think I don’t buy into beauty products marketing, because I am a smart person and spend my money wisely. I will be moving out from my flat soon, so today I counted the number of products I use, and I realized I actually have hundreds of bottles of products. 😐 😐 Specifically, thousands of pounds worth of products, some of which I rarely use.

I will list some of the products I use daily below:

Daily shower

Shower Gels: Nivea Orange, Nivea Soft, Radox Grapefruit, Radox Camomile


Hair: L’Oreal Pro-Fiber Red Collection (I have and use all products)


Make-up: I use about Mac Studio Fix Fluid, Mineralize powder, Chanel Volume mascara, Cremesheen Lipstick in Sweet & Sour, Mineralize Blush, Eyebrow gel and a highlighter in a pink pot. Oh, I forgot. I also use the strobe cream and Prep and Prime Skin primer. Unbelievable. So many products in a single day!

Body: Cetaphil, Nivea Soft Lotion, Dove Lotion

Face moisturisers: La Prairie Anti-Aging Day Cream (or stress cream, depends on my mood) & Lip and Eye Cream.


Beauty Madness

I think this is mad. Although I absolutely love my daily routine, I enjoy being in the shower for ages in the morning and evening (I know it’s bad, but I can’t help it), then putting lots of potions and products on my face, body and hair. Do I feel more beautiful? Or am I just conditioned to think that using tens of products is essential.

The other day I watched a lovely documentary on BBC iPlayer called “Beauty Queen and Single”. Several beauty queens were single and were asked to remove their make-up and go on dates with guys. One girl, Gemma, looked absolutely amazing without her make-up, but she didn’t feel confident about it. I think beauty products+make-up=beauty is a what we have been sold as an indisputable truth so we can buy more and more and more products. But I find that we can actually address our insecurities by using a cheaper and healthier alternative-

Vinegar Spa Days at Home


So, I’d like to introduce an antibacterial and highly versatile and affordable product ( costs £1!) which you can use for your relaxing spa days at home: White Vinegar.

It’s natural, it can be used all over the body, hair, AND you can cook with it!

I know most people are obsessed with Apple cider vinegar, but I use white wine vinegar from Sainsbury’s.

Vinegar Spa Day Routine

  • Back & Body- remove all the dead skin cells by using a cotton pad. I typically do this weekly, 30 mins before I have a shower. Smell evaporates really quickly and all my dead skin cells from the back are gently exfoliated. I use 2-3 cotton pads soaked with vinegar.
  • Face- Same procedure, once weekly, but dissolve the vinegar with water 50:50. Much cheaper than a facial! I have combination skin which feels much healthier after each session.
  • Hair- Rinse hair after shampooing with a water+ vinegar (80:20). It doesn’t smell! I have heard some people only shampoo with baking soda and vinegar; personally I wouldn’t try this because it sounds harsh. Vinegar makes hair shiny and cleans it from chemical residue.

My belief is that beauty should be as natural as possible; our bodies need to relax from the Mon-Fri chemicals. Starting your own vinegar spa days at home is the ultimate gift your body needs to de-stress.

I will soon publish another post about the health benefits of vinegar, and how you can use less medicines and more vinegar for a healthy new you.

Talk soon,

Royal Hare xx


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